Why Lend Financial Mortgage?

Educated borrowers turn to LEND FM  when they are in the market for a low rate mortgage solution because they know they are working with experienced and knowledgeable loan originators while receiving the best rate the market has to offer. Mortgage financing simplified.

Whether you are refinancing or purchasing a home, we honestly have the lowest mortgage rates and best service available and our past customer believe in us. We are able to offer the lowest rates by reducing the time a loan is in processing through technology and process automation while  minimizing overhead.

We may advertise now and again but most of the time we receive referrals from past customers  and that is the best compliment a customers can ever give. Our loan originators have many years of experience when it comes to Conventional, Jumbo, FHA and VA loans. We also are understand reverse mortgages and can guide you on the benefits and drawback of the program.

We offer mortgage options with and without closing costs, amortized and interest only loans.  We are a broker which means we have resources available of a variety of wholesale lenders.


Why use a broker?


Mortgage Brokers bring mortgage borrowers and mortgage lenders together.  Some people believe they can go directly to the lender or bank and get a better deal but that is not the case.   Brokers work with wholesale lending channels to provide the lowest rates.

Actually, it has never been more beneficial for the consumer to work with a broker.  Many new regulations have been passed allowing the consumer to shop on the same playing field.   Brokers will shop multiple lenders to get you the best and lowest rate.

Our business is mortgages and that is what we specialize in.


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