If you are looking for the lowest fixed or variable rate mortgage available today, then I am very certain you have come to the right place.   You will find that our rates best the national average day in and day out and that is by design.   We have provided the Freddie Mac weekly average chart for your convenience.

Mortgage rates originate from the same place no matter who you choose to do your loan with.  Whether a bank, mortgage lender or Lend Financial, the rates are set based on supply and demand of Mortgage back Securities on Wall St.   What the Federal Reserve bank does with the short term lending rates does not have a direct impact on the rates however, but Quantitative Easing does direct affect interest rates.

If you think rates are going to be this low forever then think again.  The QE program has lower the yield on mortgage bonds or

Most banks have   Mortgage lenders come close but at the end of the day, rates from Lend Financial are the lowest in the market place.