Basically, you can get a conventional loan instead of a Jumbo from 453,100 to 679,000. This loan is much less expensive and can make the difference.

Do you have any high end buyers? I can offer conventional loans in PA, GA and FL up to 679,650.

Conventional High Balance Nationwide
Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to offer conventional high balance loans to all of your borrowers — even those outside of the counties eligible under Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac — instead of having to push them into a Jumbo loan. Details include:

Min 680 FICO
Max 80% LTV/43% DTI
Loan amounts from $453,101–$679,650
Eligible for primary and second homes
Lower rates, easier guidelines and fewer docs than Jumbo
No manual underwrite — just run through DU, receive an Approve/Ineligible response, and submit to UWM
Fast turn times, averaging 15 days or less

600,000 loan, 80% loan to value is at 4.5% paying a credit to borrower of $3000.

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