The answer to that question is yes you should for sure.

I recommend everyone use a realtor that is not affiliated in anyway with the listing agent.  I have seen several people decide they want to find a property on their own and they contact the listing agent once they have founds something online. The agent is elated you don’t have an agent.   He or she is going from 3% to 6% commission on this transaction and it is now in their best interest to make this deal work and maximize the price.

Since the agent has motivation to close this loan, they will try to have you waive your right to a home inspection or any other contingency that could derail this deal.

I had a couple that asked if they had a home inspection done because they were having a lot of issues at the property. They did not and i check the contract. the agent had them waive their right to the home inspection.

Furthermore, I thought they should have offered less for the property. It had been on the market for some time.

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