Mortgage rate advertising on the radio has fallen on deaf ears over the years.   At least, I know I block out commercials  or change the channel when i keep hearing them over and over again.   I keep hearing fixed rates are in the 2s or rates are the lowest they have ever been and I am sure you would like some clarity on the issue.    The truth is, rates are low but not the all time low but they are really low.  I know I was able to give a few customers in Georgia  3.375% on a 30 year fixed with no closing costs and and 2.75% with no closing costs on a 10 year.  Today, I am at 4.125% on a 30 year fixed with no closing costs for the same scenarios above.

I have had customers tell me they received this great rate and they paid no closing costs but in reality, the closing costs were rolled in.  See  my blog on No Closing Costs from us and from a bank.  Our philosophy differs in a good way.   A rate in the 2s for a 10 year fixed would still cost discount and closing costs in today’s market.

Radio advertising in expensive so when you call one of those companies on the radio, think about who is paying for that ad.  Those companies spend thousands monthly running advertisements and  typically don’t have the best originators in house so they have high overhead.  We are not the only company out there that works diligently to offer you the lowest rate and excellent service but I can tell you that we are few and far between.

From time to time, I lose a few customers because Lend Financial Mortgage is not a household name but the fact of the matter is we receive a lot of referral business and in my book, that is the best compliment anyone can give us.  We provide the best market rates available.

There are a few realtors who refer business our way and we appreciate that very much but there are also some realtors who use the in house mortgage company.  Some use their in house person out of simplicity but you should always shop around and receive at least 3 independent quotes.



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